Twerk Race 3D

Be ready for the epic and dynamic competition where you are a participant! To do this, you have to increase your buttocks! So, your butt has to be big! You control the girl and you have to swipe in directions so that she moves in the course that you need.

So, run a distance to pick up various food along the path. Moreover, it affects you in different ways. Based on this, vegetables and fruits make you slimmer, burgers put on a few kilos. So, choose the necessary products and take them.

Further, when you cross the finish line, the battle is going to begin and now all depends on your twerking performance. If you did everything correct, then victory will be guaranteed to you. But also, you don’t have to overdo it, because you have to be a certain weight class.

So, balance and reach the right number on the scale to defeat your opponent. Each time it becomes more difficult. Therefore, do not relax after the first triumph. Because it doesn’t get any easier later in your future contests.