Fancy Pants Adventures

2D runner and platformer where you need to be constantly on the move. You control a stickman in stylish yellow pants drawn with a pencil. You are going to overcome a lot of different obstacles on your way.

Throughout your adventure, you may also meet others. Some of them are quite friendly, while others end up being your enemy. Using parkour your character is able to reach his final goal and save his sister who is waiting for her brother’s help. She was kidnapped by pirates, so you still have to fight with them!

So, do whatever it takes so that everything is fine with her. This method of overcoming the distance will not only be dynamic, but also spectacular! Because this activity always looks pretty cool and impressive!

In addition, it is also possible for you to launch an entertainment application with a gamepad, which can make the process much easier for many. So, if you want to do more than just swipe and pinch the screen, then it is available to connect it.