Stumble Guys Beta

Stumble Guys Beta is a challenge where there will be cool multiplayer battles. Go to a location where there can be up to 32 players at once.

Now the main task of each of you is to win and get the status of a leader! In order to do this you must go through 3 stages where you will feel the adrenaline. Are you ready for this?

This process will be remembered for a long time, because there will be many cool moments. Experience a variety of sensations and find out what you are capable of! Here, fans will be able to customize the character’s appearance and skin. This will emphasize the individuality and creativity of the participants.

Cheating is not allowed!

The process takes place in real time, which makes it even more fun. Interest in what will end up motivates and increases competition! Move straight and go around all the opponents to take the main prize! The game will have cool challenges that will make you show your best qualities.

Use mindfulness, dexterity and concentration! Jump, run, duck, roll and more to complete the missions! The distance will be long and has dozens of traps, so you need to be always on the lookout! Platforms of different colors will take you to the finish line, so don’t slow down!