My Little Universe

You are given a unique opportunity to feel like a god of a small world which changes thanks to you. Your main task is to develop the planet as much as possible. The mechanics allows you to add the landscape you want.

There can be volcanoes, and mountains, and endless oceans. So, arrange everything the way your heart desires. The idea is to become the one who will lead a simple tribe of people to an industrial civilization. So, help build factories and buildings. Therefore, we are able to say that their well-being is in your hands.

Moreover, all also depends on the initial location that you choose at the beginning. There are several standard and unusual. So, the process may be either faster or slower and it is all because of your selection.

The graphics and soundtrack also worth an attention. The visual aspect is quite nice, good-looking and looks cute. The color scheme is also well picked up. Music is relaxing. So, this is a good quality entertainment product.