Crab Game

You have probably watched a popular series and now you want to take part in it! We are pleased to present this opportunity to you! Here you will be able to feel what and the character from the movie.

You have to plunge into real madness! There are several trials that you have to go through. You will need your courage, dexterity and sometimes cunning. You will fight with other participants in the first place. Can you win?

Complete all tasks to beat all your competitors!

As you know, there will be children’s games here that are dangerous. The rules will be simple, but the passage will not be easy. You have to take part in a popular challenge with a robot girl. She will keep a close eye on you.

Your main task is to get from one point of the field to another. You need to do all this until the doll is looking at you. Take confident and quick steps, but in the event of a stop signal, you need to stop.

Otherwise, if the robot notices at least one of your movements, then you will be disqualified. You can also take part in the entertainment where you have to cut out a cookie shape. Here you will need your ingenuity and accuracy. In total, you need to pass 7 tests. All of them are completely different, but your goal is the same everywhere – to win.