Stumble Guys

A dynamic and varied game that appealed for those who prefer mobile devices. Stumble Guys is a lot of obstacles that you need to overcome in order to win.

Here you are going to find many locations that differ in modes. On them, you need to compete with a large number of teammates or with your friends. Try each of them. There is one where you have to try not to fall down while you and competitors rush back and forth and try to throw each other off.

There is a race in which you have to be the first to reach the finish line. There is an interesting and funny session where you have to play football with a big ball. To win you need to score as many points as possible. In addition, there is capture the flag, a challenge in which you cannot touch the lasers and much more.

So, if you are going to spend time with friends here, then this will be a great opportunity for you to compete. Since this is what these modes that are available suggest.

Also in Stumble Guys you can customize your character. You can also try to collect all skins that are available. So, for those who like to collect various items, this is going to be a good challenge.

By the way, at the moment the entertainment product is still under development. So it is expected that even more sessions will be added later, which will be just as dynamic and even more interesting. They can also add new locations that will be filled with a large number of objects for interaction and maybe even different jokes or Easter eggs.

In addition, even more options for customizing your character are going to be added. At the moment there are a lot of them, but in the future there will be even more.

It is worth mentioning that since development is still underway, you can submit your ideas to the developers. Because many of them might be good enough to be added with a new update.

So, if you like action genre where you need to demonstrate your skills, then Stumble Guys is made just for you.