Human: Fall Flat

An interesting and funny platformer where you are represented as a faceless little man. You are provided with a large number of settings, so you have a chance change it however you want.

You have to complete tasks that are given to you in the context of a particular event. It can be an escape from some place, or you need to climb on the top of something, or solve some kind of puzzle or riddle. Moreover, the locations here are quite full and there are many objects with which you are allowed to interact.

You may not be alone at the territory. You have the opportunity to do all this with your friends. So, use your hive mind to move forward. Because some levels are difficult and together all is going to happen much faster. And only the offer of different ideas and solutions will help you pass further.

Sometimes it is possible for even the most absurd and strange things to turn out to be a way out of a situation. So, try everything if you are having difficulty with something.