Snake Arena

Absorb everything you see in your path. Thus, the character you control will have a chance to become larger and longer. Your task is the constant growth and destruction of everyone who is in the location.

There are quite a few places where you are able to move around. Starting from a beautiful meadow and ending with an arid desert. So show your power at each of the levels. The functionality also allows you to choose absolutely any skin.

Therefore, there are different animals on the map. In general, it all depends on your size. If you’re big enough, it is available for you to devour weaker users. Also, your dimensions can be increased by eating apples and other fruits that are on the territory and are waiting for you to get to them.

Try to make sure that you pick up the most of them. Then you are going to be much stronger than others and have the opportunity to be a leader without any problems. But be careful and don’t bump into yourself. It also may be dangerous for you.