Dice Dreams

Who would have thought that dice could do so much. Here, thanks to them, you can raise a whole kingdom. You are presented with an interesting and fascinating story of Bob the King, who set himself the goal of developing his state.

Remember, each of your new rolls have a chance to be some kind of epic adventure for you, and for another user it is going to be a great danger. The mechanics and functionality of this strategy allows you fight with your friends. Attack them with a slingshot and pick up their resources for yourself.

In this way, you will also be able to positively influence the infrastructure and well-being of the citizens of your realm. Use the loot to build and start being stronger.

Moreover, you may be the main invader. So, take revenge on everyone who once ruined your life by becoming the most powerful in the territory. And it is your task there. So, get ready for constant dynamic battles with other people and those who are trying to harm you and residents.