Like A Dino!

Here you can escape from the gray days and give yourself a little positive! Have a good time setting new records! You can be here endlessly, so we hope that you are free today!

This is a cute arcade game that will charm you with its graphics and music. Let’s get to know our main character soon!

Let’s make our hero very long!

Look at your new friend! It’s a cute little dinosaur! His main dream is to have the longest neck. Let’s help him with this! You have to take full control of the actions of this beautiful animal. Give him commands to follow.

You need to move right or left across the screen to collect important items. These will be pieces of the neck of our new friend. By collecting them, you help him get closer to his dream. The more you collect them, the longer his neck will become.

See how happy he is! Give the dinosaur happiness and dreams come true! All this time the whole process will be accompanied by beautiful and pleasant music. It will give you motivation! Be careful not to miss the green parts.

Over time, the speed will increase. You will have to use your dexterity to the maximum. Do you think you will have time to collect everything? Earn points that you will need in the future! Set new records and discuss it with friends!