Draw Joust!

Show the maximum of your creativity there. Because you definitely need it here. It is basically the key to the victory. Your task is to draw transport with which you are going to defeat enemies. So, come up with something really unusual that may definitely help you win everyone on your way.

Also keep in mind that ink is limited. So, using a certain number of them, you must make the car that is able to withstand your opponent. He also creates his own vehicle, which he will drive. That’s why you have to be better than him or her.

In the process, the mechanics allows you to earn coins. They are quite useful, because then it is available for you to buy different upgrades. This is possible to be either an increase in health, or drawing capacity, or your power, or passive income. Because even when you are offline, your currency continues to be gained.

So, all of them give you a great advantage. So, you have a chance to purchase a lot of power-ups that assist you to deal with any adversaries.