Money Rush

How much time do you need to rise from the bottom to your first million? Let’s figure it out! Start from 50 cents and increase your income gradually on the trail of wealth. Collect every coin at sight, and it will gladly join your metallic army.

Cents compose dollars, dollars stick together and form hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands! All you have to do is guide your stock through multiplying gates and keep them away from negative red doors.

In the beginning, you are offered to upgrade your starting stats. That means you will enter the catwalk already with some money in your pockets. Even three bucks are a crazy booster that will reward you with a few hundreds more than you would usually get. By the way, you get money depending on how many coins you will safely bring to the end.

You can also change their skin! Enter the customization settings and see what they offer: tasty donuts, sparkling gems, a green roll of valuable papers, and many, many more options.