They Are Coming

Zombie apocalypse remains on top of the most demanded genres. But not so many people want to spend a lot of time on survival maps. This casual shooter lets you enjoy the difficulties of infected lands and takes almost no time to master, nor does it burden you with complicated lore.

Your character is alone amidst an arid road. Vast wheat fields on each side and an equally vast flock of biters at the horizon. He has almost no time to rest in his desolate little hut, because if relax too much, zombies will burst through the weary door, leaving no chance to escape.

Every night the lonely soldier spends on upgrading his equipment, looking for more quick pistols, and building lines of obstacles. From a fruit knife to a machine gun, from a face mask to a samurai set, the man levels up day after day. But monsters, too, are learning teamwork and new attacks with each sunrise. It is an endless competition of humans against beasts where the result depends solely on your strategy.