Bro Falls

Multiplayer competition in which you and other users need to overcome various obstacles. All skins are presented in the form of different food. So, it is possible for you to meet running vegetables, fruits, and burgers or pizzas at the location!

In total, up to 60 characters can be on the level at the same time. You have to pass through a certain number of stages until you reach the final. Finally, you will have a battle royale with the rest of the finalists. As a result, the crown is going to be given to the one who proved himself the best and who was lucky.

Therefore, if you are a fan of such a dynamic struggle for leadership, then you and your friends are definitely interested. Especially considering the fact that there are quite a lot of participants, everything becomes more fascinating and unpredictable.

Even those who at first did not show themselves in any way may end up being the person who defeated everyone. So, your pastime is guaranteed to be interesting.