Kingdom Rush

Are you ready to go on a real adventure? You will need your courage and stress resistance! Serious battles await you here! You have to protect your territory from enemies that appear suddenly. You have to become a real hero, who has been waiting for so long! Save your kingdom and make it even better!

Join the battles and show all your strength!

There has always been order in your kingdom. Suddenly, a disaster happened for which you were not at all prepared. Terrible enemies have attacked your magnificent territory. Their goal is to destroy everything that you have built and achieved for so long.

You have to stop this madness! Gather your army and make it the strongest! You have to teach your fighters to fight with dignity. Train their skills and abilities. Join battles with enemies and show them your power! Don’t let them destroy your tower. This helps you get important resources. Without it, your kingdom will perish.

You must subdue the entire army and give the right commands. Think over the offensive strategy. If something goes wrong, then change tactics! You must win at any cost! Build new buildings that will bring you closer to the long-awaited event! Be always on the alert and then you will succeed!!