My Mini Mart

Feel like a successful businessman by building your agricultural business. You need to take care of your cattle and also grow plants. So, you have the opportunity to be a farm owner too!

From what you have grown, you can already make other goods, such as cookies, flour, and so on. By the way, you are able to cook them on the kitchen.

A facility is available to you, which is a kind of store where you sell your commodities. The functionality also allows you to hire workers to delegate duties to them. They will help you with your household, as well as stand behind the cash register or advise visitors. Pay them salaries, and also praise and scold them. In short, be the real boss.

Your main task is to develop your money-making endeavor in order to eventually retail a large number of different products which are used in everyday life and, of course, earn a lot of money. So, apply various strategies or decorate the mall, work hard and then you are going to succeed in this!