Solar Smash

Do you want to feel like a real master of the world? The whole planet will be at your disposal! Only you can decide what to do with it next. We know what you want the most! You want to destroy everything in your path!

Here you can have a great time in your free time. You will have the opportunity to conduct many different experiments! Show everyone what you are capable of! This is a great option to get rid of all negative energy and free yourself!

Create your own apocalypse!

As soon as you embark on your grand plan, you will face the planet. As you can see, this is our Earth. Now the fate of this is in your hands. You can do anything. Use different methods to destroy everything that took so long to form.

You can choose cool weapons like lasers, asteroids, missiles and more. Create lightning and send it to a certain corner of the world. Make your planet collide with another.

Try all possible options and see how the Earth shatters into small pieces. What sensations will you experience? Over time, you will also be able to discover other planets. Each of them will be destroyed in a special way. You will have access to new turn of events options. You might even be able to unleash the aliens! Get rid of the stress that you have accumulated here!