Stumble Guys Jigsaw

There is a challenge that tests the dexterity and patience of the players. They get to the field where they have to fight in the royal battle.

A huge area with multi-colored platforms that create real problems. They can move in different directions or sharp spikes will break through them. Only the most attentive and dexterous will be able to cope with this.

But in Stumble Guys Jigsaw, fans have another mission! This will not only bring pleasure, but also benefit. The process is to put the puzzles together and get a picture. Here, participants can find cool pictures right from the scene. Some of you don’t even know it, so get ready to be amazed!

Attention is the key to success!

This game perfectly trains the brain, reflexes and more. For this reason, choose the picture you want to see in fullscreen mode! Here are collected cool and funny fragments that will bring the best emotions. Once you have decided, look at it and remember. It will fall apart and the fans have to put it all back together.

For each successful level you will receive 1000 coins. With this, open new pictures and become a master! There are only 12 of them, so you will definitely have time to enjoy them! Develop memory and other necessary qualities!