Twerk Race 3D

This hyper-casual game may be the only one where you must choose bad options over good to win. Cola instead of exercises, TV instead of a walk will make your character grow belly and buttocks, but this is exactly what you need!

Watch your girl getting bigger while preparing for a one-against-one dance tournament at the end of the catwalk. As in every app of this kind, you will see healthy and junk food scattered along the way.

Remember to pick ill products to shape your legs into an ultimate twerk weapon. Avoid everything green, whether it’s a cucumber or a gate that offers you to do some fitness. Let yourself head towards leisure and big calories!

The larger your character grows, the more potential she has. Even if your thin opponent is a skilled dancer, she won’t endure the slightest knock and will fall to the ground, leaving you the queen’s crown and the glory among the public. So, if you’re interested in a clear walkthrough, appreciate big dials on your scales!