BitLife – Life Simulator

Do you want to start your life from scratch? Here you can build everything from scratch. Go through all the stages of growing up and become what you wanted all the time. Here you have a cool opportunity to do as you want.

Forget about the opinion of parents, friends or complete strangers. Build your future right here! Make important decisions without asking for advice. What do you think will come of this?

Guide your character through difficulties!

You will start your journey as a child. You will be too small, but you will already have minor problems. You need to decide what action to take. Little by little you will grow and decisions will become more serious.

You have to learn how to communicate with other children. Kindergarten, school, grades. What will you do if you get a bad grade? You need to choose which side to become – good or evil!

First love, marriage. What kind of lover will you be? You need to make a decision about the job. After all, it greatly affects your future. Because of this, sometimes even your morale depends.

In no case do not get involved in adventures! Or do you want to see what happens? Follow the scale of health, neatness and happiness! Try to make sure that they are always in the green zone.