Plague Inc

Do you want to feel like an evil genius or a mad scientist? here you will have such an opportunity! You can create your own virus that can destroy the whole world.

Actually, this is your main task here! You must always be one step ahead! Ready to watch your planet slowly but surely being destroyed?

Breed a new disease for which there is no cure!

Well, welcome to the laboratory! It is here that you will spend a couple of hours of your life making the most dangerous virus! You have to give it a name and come up with symptoms. It is best to take symptoms that are similar to the common cold.

People will think that everything will soon pass, but this is a huge mistake! Think about how you would like your disease to spread. Open the world map and choose where your first infected will be.

Once you choose Patient Zero, there is no going back! Now you have to do everything possible so that all people get infected! Upgrade your virus for DNA points. Be careful and follow the news.

Sooner or later, people will understand what’s going on and start making decisions. They will make a vaccine for your disease. You must not let this happen! Make your virus even more powerful! Do not give up! Your goal is to destroy the whole world!