Truck Wars

Construct your monster truck and crash test it against a CPU! Each level is different, and there are thousands of them! Just because you and your virtual opponent can build a huge lot of different winning machines.

Options don’t seem to end: a bigger car, more wheels, crazy boosters make you an intimidating, decent opponent in the arena. But first, you need to climb from the lowest rank. The editor limits your creativity to a certain number of blocks and tires.

Later, you will be able to buy more pieces and diversify the assortment. An excavator to lift the rival off the ground, a long circular saw to break their defense, and a shield to preserve your driver will open to you the longer you play.

There is nowhere to hide on the battlefield. It is meant to be a quick match, so deploy your offense methods from the first seconds. Otherwise, the enemy truck will take advantage and crush you in no time! Break essential parts of the red vehicle to reign over it with ease.