Clash Heroes

One of three experiments of Supercell, this app lets you experience the medieval battle from the point of view of an actual participant. Pick your favorite class and burst into the eye of the storm to deploy mastery of an eye-to-eye fight.

Nothing is left from a classic bird-eye tower defense except characters. So turn off your inner commander and encourage a warrior in yourself as you enter the field.

Dive into the role of Barbarian King, the powerful, fierce leader of his village. Sharpen your sword by chopping down the bodies of monsters and villains! He is good at taking the hardest job on his shoulders, shielding troops behind him and responding to attacks with double anger.

While the berserk is earning trophies amidst the chaos, Archer Queen and Grand Warden fuel the mess up. Their destructive spells and deadly iron hails land on enemies’ heads like doom. But still, you can choose only one hero at a time and contribute to the victory with your own hands.