Sonic Dash

You are presented an entertaining runner that help you kill time if you have no idea what to do or if you just want to have a good pastime. You control a rather famous character named Sonic, and also his friends who later become available to you. So, get ready for the fact that you need to constantly be on the move.

Throughout the race, you have to collect various coins, which you can later spend on different useful improvements. In this way, you are able to pass the obstacle course more easily. There are also many bonuses like shields, speed-ups, magnets and so on. They also give you an advantage in the process of your passage.

In addition, in the locations it is possible for you to meet bosses that you will have to resist. So, be prepared for an epic battle with them. Use all the skills to easily deal with the villains. There is no end point here, so it all depends on your reaction and dexterity. So, improve your performance constantly and let your results are going to better.