Tag with Ryan

An endless runner in which you control a boy named Ryan. He is basically mentioned in the title. This guy is chased by Panda, who wants to catch him. And only with your help will he be able to escape from it.

Various obstacles are placed on your way. They depend on the location, so you can see both cacti and ice cubes or other objects. So, you need to overcome them so that the round is not over for you.

Your main task is to run as far as possible with each new launch of the entertainment application in order to beat your previous record. So, improve your skill and make a getaway further each time. Apart from this, there are many items on the territory. They are going to be pretty useful for you.

Later, it is available for you to use them to buy upgrades, as well as different clothes and costumes that you may put on your character. Thus, it is easier for you to cover long distances. It is good timekiller, so you have a chance to have a great pastime during breaks or waiting for something.