Count Masters

Here everything happens based on your choice. You must move in the form of a large group, but rather a crowd. In front of you are various of the gates. Each of them either add or decrease the amount of little 3d men. So, your task is to bring as many participants to the finish line as possible.

Therefore, try not to lose anyone along the way, and also make the right selections. In this case you will have the ability to win the final when you face the boss. In addition, you are going to meet other bands.

Only if you have an advantage in quantity you are able to continue your run. Otherwise, you are defeated. Even if you have one combat unit more, you are already ahead. So, if you want to have a dynamic time, then launch this runner and start increasing the number of your colorful people.

You usually presented as blue on the location and your opponents are red. Also, giants are more powerful and you need to do your best to beat him. Because the total is really important here.