Stumble Guys PC

Now available not only on mobile devices, but on other platforms. Mates can download Stumble Guys on Steam. In this action, you need to be on the move so as not to lose and look around more often. Now you can use your keyboard, so PC lovers are going to love it. Therefore, if you have been waiting for an entertainment product to start supporting this platform, the time has come!

Here you and several dozen teammates will be in different locations. By the way, there are quite a lot of them in the game. So, the environment will constantly change. You need to overcome various obstacles. Being cunning, for example, to push another competitor down, and stay on top of yourself. Since in one of the modes you need to try not to fall down, being at a high altitude.

Variety Is Here

There are many other modes in Stumble Guys. Capture the flag, for example. Here you will not only be in a team with people but have to be careful and attentive. Otherwise, the opponents are going to win. And you definitely don’t want that. Also, since this is multiplayer, you can assemble a team of your friends and participate in this challenge together.

Other than that, there is a challenge where you have to roll the ball. So, here your goal is going to be to score as many points as possible. And only then will your allies be able to win. Physics is implemented quite funny, so the ball is going to fly back and forth.

In general, all sessions here are aimed at fighting for the championship. Therefore, if you are a fan of various competitions, then you will definitely like this pastime. Especially if you’re doing it with mates. Because together it is always much more interesting. And it is going to be more comfortable for you to do it with friends than with strangers.

Also, if we talk about the advantages that are here, it can be noted that you can customize the character you play. Choose any of the proposed skins. Here, there are quite a few of them. There are paid and free ones. By the way, take part in the battle pass and unlock a lot of things and new skins. Try to get some rare objects that only units of people are able to receive.

In addition, there are updates from the developers, in which a lot of interesting things are added. Starting with new sessions, locations, customization tools and ending with some bug fixes. They come out quite often, so there’s always something new. So, you won’t get bored and always have something to explore.