Bridge Race

Join the casual action runner for first place! Navigate by colors in this simply designed environment. You and three more players are painted differently, and the bricks you need to collect have matching hues.

Grab as many as you can find in your backpack and rush to make yourself long stairs to the next floor. There are up to three levels before the champion’s pedestal you and competitors strive for.

From the starting point, you can see that the finish is not for everybody. Only three lifted corridors for four rivals! And their number is only decreasing with each floor. This is when you realize you must do whatever it takes.

If all passages are occupied—conquer one! Put your bricks over the opponent’s ladder and make your way up quickly while they’re confused. Is someone too successful? Don’t let them win, kick them off their feet and steal their decolored planks! Take care, if the player has a bigger backpack than you, you will be the one to fall to the ground.