Stumble Guys 3

Welcome to Stumble Guys 3! This is a new version, where players will find even more action and adrenaline! Go to the territory, which is strewn with obstacles. The main task is to reach the finish line and fall as few times as possible. It seems simple, but it’s actually insanely complicated.


Go to the starting point and wait for a special signal! After that, start running and try to overtake all competitors. Various obstacles will appear on the way, due to which difficulties may arise. You have to be agile and react quickly to deal with them. One awkward movement and the character will fall down.

But don’t worry, you can always keep moving! Try not to make mistakes further, because you are already lagging behind your opponents. Catch up with them and prove that you deserve the first place! Fans must be agile in order to jump over dangerous areas and not fall into traps.

The game will have many complications that will make you nervous. Sharp spikes, ropes, loose blocks and more! Try to show high attentiveness and concentration! In addition, you must react quickly so as not to screw up! Customize your hero to be unique and bright! This can be done in the menu, as well as add accessories!