Slime World

Get ready for the battle of two kingdoms. Dark slimes are attacking you and you need to do everything to eventually protect your realm from them. To do this you have to make them much stronger. And after this, they have a chance to resist the enemies.

To do this, you must connect them together and then they are going to be more powerful. Thus, they become larger and you are able to win in case of an assault on you. Remember about strategic thinking and, of course, be very careful!

By the way, it is possible for you to earn Orichalcum in the process and later transfer them using the NPT converter. So, accumulate a certain amount and exchange them. In addition, you may also mention that these characters are NFTs.

So, they are quite relevant, especially now. Here, in principle and schematically, all this interaction is shown. So, if you wanted to understand this at least superficially, then here it is available for you to do it. Even in this entertainment product.