Paper Fold

Relax while treating your brain to a moderate difficulty puzzle! You’re given a sheet with bend lines. Try one fold after another until you get the whole picture!

It’s that simple: play until you have an image, then jump to the next level and repeat the process. After a few tries, you will figure out what to do and become close to brilliant proficiency.

A thousand levels await! Create cute cartoon cats, dragons, witches, donuts, world-famous statues in approximately three moves. Of course, you will unveil all origami secrets very soon, but don’t strive to make it fast. Though the game might look simple, it is meant to bring meditative pleasure. No lives, no clocks, no arena for competition.

So sit comfortably, make sure nothing distracts you, and dive into the paper art. Think it out as long as you need, allow yourself to be lazy. Unlock next patterns, more complicated and interesting than previous, step by step at your pace. In short, have a delightful rest!