Piggy GO

Develop your own island and also go on an epic and fascinating adventure. A lot of interesting things await you in it. Here is the test of your destiny. Throw dice to receive bonuses. Earn coins by stealing from others. Also, don’t let others take them from you.

There are quite a few items to interact with here. You can also change the appearance of your character, which by the way is represented as a pig. This is basically clear from the name. Also, in the process you are able to travel and engage in the construction of cities.

Superbonuses are also available to you, which will give you incredible benefits. You may sometimes get rewards, which is also pretty good because your fortune increases. So, be ready for the fact that many try to encroach on your wealth and you have a chance to lose all that you have.

Just like you dealt with them. So, use everything possible to prevent them from leaving your piece of land with prey. Resist your enemies and stay the main rich man!